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Unlocking the True Potential of Your Memories – Why Your Cine Film Transfer Deserves a Second Chance

Have you ever had your cine film transferred to VHS or DVD?

Many of you will have already had your Cine Film transferred in the past – maybe to VHS or DVD, or maybe even to a USB Stick.  Were you left feeling disappointed? Would you like to know how good your film can really look when it’s been expertly remastered?

We’ve prepared a video comparison that shows the stark difference between a standard transfer and our remastered, AI-enhanced version. The choice is clear: preserve your memories with Alive Studios for a cinematic experience like no other.

In today's digital age, preserving precious memories has become more important than ever.

Many of us hold dear family memories on cine film, but without proper preservation, they can degrade over time. With over two decades of expertise, Alive Studios specialises in cine film scanning and restoration, safeguarding your cherished moments for future generations.

cherished memories

Cutting-Edge AI Restoration:

What sets us apart from the rest is our use of cutting-edge AI technology for restoration. We invite you to view our examples and compare our results to any other provider; you won’t find anything that comes close. Our AI-driven restoration process sharpens film, recovers authentic details, removes noise, enhances colors, and stabilizes the footage. The result? Pristine, high-quality movies that exceed your expectations.

Cine Film transfer to VHS

Say Goodbye to DVDs!

We’ve embraced modernity by offering Cine Film to USB Stick transfers. No longer do we transfer cine film to outdated DVDs. Instead, we provide a contemporary solution that allows you to store your precious memories on a USB stick which works on your TV, tablets and phones. But we don’t stop there. We also upload your films to our vibrant Alive Cloud, enabling you to easily share these cherished moments with friends and family, fostering lasting connections.

USB Stick

Customer Satisfaction:

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the glowing reviews from our satisfied customers. We take pride in transforming old and deteriorated films into high-quality digital copies that capture the magic of the past. We invite you to read our independent reviews…

Future-Ready: From TVs to Mobile Devices:

Alive Cloud has exciting plans for the future. We are working on developing apps for smart TVs, phones, and tablets, making your home movies easily accessible across a range of devices. We aim to provide a seamless experience that fits your lifestyle, allowing you to relive your memories whenever and wherever you choose.

Alive Cloud - Watch anywhere

So what are you waiting for?

In summary, if you’ve had your films transferred before, it’s time for an upgrade!

Experience your cine films in a whole new light. With Alive Studios’ meticulous scanning and cutting-edge restoration techniques, you’ll discover exquisite details in your movies that were previously hidden. Don’t keep these revitalized memories to yourself—share with your family, creating lasting connections and preserving your cherished moments for generations to come. Your cine films deserve the Alive Studios treatment, unlocking their true beauty.

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Already had your movies digitised by Alive Studios?

Ok! Let's set you up on Alive Cloud and get your movies online!
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New for 2023, our Phoenix 5K full frame scanner gives us our most significant camera system update ever, offering next-level image quality in a 16-megapixels frame scan. Our scanner takes individual photographs of each cell of your film from 8mm all the way up to 35mm film. You can have your film scanned in 2K, High Definition, or 4K Ultra High Definition. AI technology is then used to remove dust, remove harsh noise while recovering real detail, restore colours and create an artefact-free perfect 24fps movie.

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