alive studios presents

Alive Cloud TV App

“Free TV APP for your Home Movies!”

This is quite simply the best way to enjoy your home movies.

Introducing Alive Cloud TV, this is a simple to use TV app which brings all of your Home movies, stored in a Alive cloud directly to your TV we have apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon, fire TV we are also developing TV apps for Samsung and LG TVs

To get your free copy of a Aive cloud TV app, go to a compatible TV or device and search for Alive Cloud.

Alive Cloud on Apple TV

What is Alive Cloud TV App?

All of your movies which are stored on an Alive cloud through the website are now available to you on your TV just login once and enjoy your movies on the big screen.

App Compatibility

Apple TV - 4K

Apple TV

Go to your Apple TV box and just search for a Alive cloud

Amazon Fire TV stick

Amazon Fire TV

There are a few ways to get a Alive Cloud on your Amazon Fire, TV either go to your Amazon Fire TV stick and search for a Alive cloud, or if you have a TV with built in Fire TV ie selected (Toshiba, TCL, Hisense, JVC, Panasonic models then you can search directly from your TV

Alive Cloud on Google TV

Android TV (Google TV)

If you have an android TV box plugged into your TV like Chromecast, you can search for Alive Cloud directly from there or if you have a modern Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, TLC or Hisense Smart TV then you should have an Android TV ro Google TV so you can search directly from there.

Alive Cloud TV App Features

Alive Cloud TV App login screen

1 Time Login.

Whether you’re a Guest or a loyal Alive Cloud Subscriber, rejoice in the simplicity of logging in just once with the Alive Cloud TV App. Streamlining your experience, because who needs the hassle of multiple logins, right?

Alive Cloud TV Select a job screen

Simple Design.

We meticulously crafted the Alive Cloud TV App with our customers at the forefront of our thoughts. Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface that is both sleek and simple, ensuring a delightful experience as you immerse yourself in the world of high-screen home movies.

Alive Cloud TV Chapters list screen

Chapter Markers.

Ever reminisce about the convenience of DVD chapter markers? Well, rejoice, as Alive Cloud brings back this timeless feature! Craft your own chapters with ease on the Alive Cloud web version and seamlessly enjoy them on the big screen using the Alive Cloud TV App. It’s like having your own director’s chair for your entertainment journey!.

Get your memories restored

50ft Cine Film reels

Cine Film to Digital

Video Tape to Digital


New for 2023, our Phoenix 5K full frame scanner gives us our most significant camera system update ever, offering next-level image quality in a 16-megapixels frame scan. Our scanner takes individual photographs of each cell of your film from 8mm all the way up to 35mm film. You can have your film scanned in 2K, High Definition, or 4K Ultra High Definition. AI technology is then used to remove dust, remove harsh noise while recovering real detail, restore colours and create an artefact-free perfect 24fps movie.

Alive Cloud

Alive Studios AI Movie hosting is free for 14 days.
 Log in via your computer, or download the free APP to your phone or tablet so you can take your memories with you wherever you go. Automatic AI indexing of your videos, Search for words, car, dog, person and more.

Log in online to make changes to the titles of your movies, create multiple user logins for all your friends and family so they can share the experience too. from £22/year