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Alive Studios sponsor local boxer 'Zane Turner'

Despite international recognition as one of the leading film transfer houses in the world, Alive Studios remains a down to earth, family-run business, with their feet firmly planted in the Devon sand.
Renowned for their unique skills in transferring and restoring old Cine Film and Video Tapes to Digital, co-founder Steven is now using his skills in his beloved sport of boxing…

Originally from Torquay, a move to a new Teignmouth studio earlier this year gives the team an unrivalled view of the ocean from their desks, highlighting their love of the sea and all things Devon.

“We are so passionate about our community” explains Jennie, MD of Alive Studios “and we try to support local business and enterprise wherever possible”.  From buying thousands of boxes of local fudge to package with orders, “which our London clients love!” to supporting local events and people, we ask the team why they’ve chosen Zane Turner this year.

“We are always looking for exciting ways to use our skills locally” enthuses creative Director Steven Flowers, “and this year we couldn’t have found a better project to get behind than supporting a home-grown sportsman, so dedicated to his sport, we believe he could really put Devon on the map”.

With three children, two of which help run the studio, the owners explain “it’s essential we encourage local young people to follow their dreams, and if local businesses can make even a small difference, then that’s amazing, and I hope my kids get the same chance when they need it.”

Alive Studios will be helping to make short films to promote up-and-coming boxer Zane Turner, and hopefully gain him a strong following of fans in and around Devon who can enjoy his rise to fame and glory as an international boxing champion….

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Zane Turner History:
Zane has been a boxing fanatic since being introduced to the sport at 9 years old, invited by a close childhood friend to attend a session in a local gym. Starting the gym to improve fitness and lose body weight, but after a night of sparring he had a new goal, to work and build himself into a competing state. At age 18 Zane moved to a new club – Warriors Gym in Torquay – to improve ability and compete at a more senior level, finally turning Pro in June 2017.

Previous achievements as junior/senior:
2010 Western counties champion, Quarter finalist of junior nationals
2011 Western counties champion
2012 2010 Western counties champion, Quarter finalist of junior nationals and Torbay sportsman of the year
2013/14 Western counties champion, Southern champion, Inspirational sportsman of the year in Torbay, Ship Cornish award for Western region of the UK and ABA national runner up/finalist
2015 Regional Light heavyweight belt champion
2017 National Cruiser-weight Belt challenger

Additional achievements with clubs:
3 x Best all round boxer
4 x Sportsman of the year
5x Best Junior boxer
3x Best Senior boxer
Furthest in Junior ABA Championship
Runner up for nationals
Edward Narocott plate
England Boxing Squad

How can you help?
Let’s get behind Zane and spread the word about this amazing athlete. Please like this page, watch and like the video on YouTube, and follow Zane and Alive Studios on your chosen social media!

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