1959 Cho Oyu expedition Historical 16mm film

Alive studios were chosen this month, to re-scan an historically important 16mm film for an upcoming BBC program.
Alive Studios customer, Tim Healey has been in possession of two reels of 16mm film since his late wife, Eileen, shot them in the late summer of 1959, whilst climbing in the Himalayas. The films captured the first all-female expedition to the summit of Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth-highest peak

The incredible footage of dazzling snows and deep blue skies, long forgotten in Healey’s attic, was brought to Alive Studios, back in 2007. The film was cleaned and transferred to DVD. Shortly afterwards, the film was screened at the Kendal mountain festival in Cumbria, where it was hugely popular.

With the recent interest from the BBC about the famous Cho Oyu expedition, and their desire to interview Mr Healey, he asked Alive studios to scan the 16mm films once again, but this time utilizing the latest High Definition equipment.
The results have been astounding, and clearly show how much technology has come on in the last few years. A wealth more detail can now be seen, and the colours are more vibrant and rich.

When asked what they thought of the new scan carried out by Alive Studios, Siobhan Kilroy, specialist & general factual researcher for the BBC, said;

“The edit has gone very well thanks. We are most pleased with the high quality from your cine transfer; it is excellent and looks wonderful in our film.”

Anyone considering a re-transfer of cine film they’ve previously had done in SD should contact Alive Studios, as it’s crucial to get the most out of your films before they degrade.
The Cho Oyu program will air on BBC One later this year – we will keep you posted when we know the exact date and time.

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