’12 String’ (short film shot on 16mm)

Thank you to another happy Alive Studios customer, Mr Bob Lorrimer for sending us the above link to his finished short film entitled ’12 String’. This is the latest from an archive of 16mm films that he has commissioned Alive Studios to digitise.

Mr Lorrimer sent in 400ft of 16mm film, shot at 24fps. Alive Studios carefully cleaned the 50 year old film, and made a 2K scan to ProRes, which was carefully remastered by senior editor, Steven Flowers. Mr Lorrimer then re-edited and added the soundtrack to create his finished masterpiece.

Background provided by Bob Lorrimer:

Filmed on 16mm in 1970 The edit and the audio have been reimagined over lockdown in 2020. The location is the Canal de l’Ourcq outside Paris.
The two Actors were friends and Paris Hoteliers. I was a ‘stagiaire’ for a year at the Hotel de Crillon.

The original intention of the film was to contrast the lifestyles of two individuals – the ‘upwardly mobile’ and the ‘free spirit’. However, a more reflective film has evolved which concerns those moments in life when lifelines intersect and, for better or worse, opportunities are either taken or lost.

The transcoded 2k digital print is from ALIVE STUDIOS of Devon. UK.

My thanks to ‘Natural Beat’ for their sympathetic and appropriate musical audio Tracks.

Music: Audio Jungle – Envato Market: Natural Beat, Acoustic guitar travel / MSL 27856999.
Natural Beat, Is Acoustic Guitar / MSL 27349886
Natural Beat , Acoustic Guitar Ambient positive / MSL 24822323

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