Eden Project: Betacam SP Upscaled Before and After Example

Alive Studios are to very proud to have worked throughout 2019 with the fabulous Eden Project in Cornwall UK, to digitise tapes from their video archive chronicling how the Eden Project story has unfolded since 1995.

The team at Alive Studios were entrusted with a huge collection of video tape formats including Betacam, DigiBeta, MiniDV and DVCam. Our aim was to not only digitise, but to create superior versions, which were upscaled from SD to HD, and fully remastered, resulting in broadcast-quality footage that Eden can now use in their own film projects, and also sell to TV networks. The before/after example shown here compares the original tape version alongside the remastered version. Notice how much sharper and clearer the image is.

If you have video tapes you need digitising, from a single tape to a full archive, Alive Studios are the people to call. alivestudios.co.uk/pro-video-transfer

Film clip © Eden Project
Betacam tapes transferred to digital by Alive Studios 2020.

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