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Preserving ITV’s “The Sunday Break” with Expert 16mm Film Transfer

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A Nostalgic Show Requiring Meticulous 16mm Cleaning and 4K Transfer

Alive Studios, based in Teignmouth, Devon, proudly announces their partnership with Steve Smith, a Toc H historian, in preserving the iconic 16mm film, “The Sunday Break.” This cherished television show, over 60 years old, required meticulous care, including a thorough cleaning, a 4K transfer, and scene-by-scene correction using advanced AI technology to sharpen the picture.

Trusting Toc H's Deteriorating 16mm Film to Alive Studios

Steve, on behalf of Toc H, an organisation known for their humanitarian work, entrusted Alive Studios with the delicate task of transferring and digitizing the deteriorating 16mm film reel of “The Sunday Break.” The film’s age and condition called for a careful clean to remove dirt and debris that had accumulated over the years.

"The film I had recently acquired was historically important and very precious to me. I knew nothing about film transfers and didn’t have the first idea where to go. Thankfully someone at our local Records Office recommended Alive Studios, and it was the best thing they could have done. Their website was clear and straightforward, and from the first contact I made with them, they were helpful, informative, and also friendly. I could follow the progress online, and when the transfer was returned to me, I was astounded at the quality. I never expected a sixty year old film to have been cleaned up so well – both sound and vision."

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The Sunday Break: A Controversial TV Show from the 1960s shot on film

The film was a TV show about Toc H, a Christian charitable organization, and featured John Burgess, a member of Toc H, along with other individuals associated with the organization. The film was part of a religious magazine program called “The Sunday Break” that aired on ABC Television, which was part of ITV in the 1960s. The show invited well-known figures, including pop stars and groups of young people, to discuss various topics of the day, ranging from religion to sex. It was known for its controversial nature and garnered large audiences.

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State-of-the-Art 4K Transfer and AI-Powered Correction

Alive Studios utilised their expertise in 16mm film transfer, employing a state-of-the-art 4K scanning process to capture every detail of the original footage. Additionally, scene-by-scene correction techniques, powered by advanced AI technology, were applied to enhance the overall picture quality and sharpen the visuals, bringing new life to this nostalgic gem.

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Preserving and Digitizing "The Sunday Break" for Wider Audience Access

“The Sunday Break” holds immense sentimental value and captivated audiences with its inspiring stories. By preserving and digitizing this beloved show, Alive Studios has enabled Toc H to share the timeless episode with a wider audience, including researchers, historians, and fans worldwide.

Commitment to Preserving Historical Legacies: Alive Studios

"At Alive Studios, we understand the importance of preserving historical treasures like 'The Sunday Break,' especially when they are over 60 years old,"
photo of Jennie
Jennie Flowers
Director @ Alive Studios
"Our meticulous cleaning process, coupled with our advanced 4K transfer and AI-powered correction technology, ensures that the essence and visual integrity of this cherished show are preserved for future generations."
photo of Steven
Steven Flowers
Film Editor @ Alive Studios

About Alive Studios: Professional 16mm Film Transfer and Digitisation Services

Alive Studios is a trusted provider of professional 16mm film transfer and digitization services, known for their commitment to delivering high-quality results and preserving historical legacies. 

About Alive Studios: Professional 16mm Film Transfer and Digitization Services​

Alive Studios is a trusted provider of professional 16mm film transfer and digitization services, known for their commitment to delivering high-quality results and preserving historical legacies.
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