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Cine Film Transfer to DVD or Blu-Ray Video and Camcorder Transfer to DVD or HD Photos and 35mm Slides Transfer to DVD or JPEG Memory Vault Free Phone 0800 0830561
Cine Film transfer services
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We specialise in the transfer and restoration of old cine film, video and camcorder tapes, and 35mm slides. We work in High Definition and offer everything from raw hard-drive files ready for you to edit, through to finished DVDs and Blu-rays. All orders are given a FREE Karishma Cloud account where your films and photos are hosted online for FREE so you can share them with friends and family around the world. We work for museums, TV companies, documentary makers, archive facilities, historians and members of the general public.

We are the first choice for film professionals, and the public too, meaning everyone can have professional studio quality work at high street prices. Run by the owners and their family, you will find the staff at Alive Studios friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Located in Devon, we offer free collection from anywhere in the UK. You know you can trust us because we've worked in home movie transfers for over 15 years, and serve major companies like BBC, ITV, The Times Newspaper, The Ministry of Defence, The NHS, Sony, The Imperial War Museum, Thomas Cook, The Elvis Presley Society, The Institute of Physics and many more.

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Cine Film Transfer

8mm, Super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, Super16 in HD

We are the pioneers of cine film transfer in the UK. We continue to innovate this industry, being one of the only companys to offer true High Definition transfer for all cine film formats. Our custom-built scanning machines offer incredible quality at amazing prices. We transfer from your cine film to Blu-ray, DVD, and digital formats suitable for computer editing and archiving, as well as your FREE Karishma account allowing you to share your film with friends and family online. Learn more »











35mm Slide Scanning

Incredible high quality scanning service

Our dedicated 35mm slide scanning department offer a very high-end, high quality scan of your 35mm slides. Every slide is professionally cleaned, scanned in 4000dpi resolution, then digitally re-mastered for incredible quality images.

Provided as JPEG files, we also produce beautiful slide shows on DVD or in High Definition on Blu-ray. You also get a FREE Karishma account where all your photos are stored as an online gallery so you can share with your friends and family around the world.
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35mm Slide Scanning

Video Transfer

Video Tape, DVD and Memory Card Transfer

Most companies can offer you a video to DVD copy. Only Alive Studios can offer you a fully re-mastered and restored version. We work at the higher end of the market whereby every video tape and camcorder tape is fully re-mastered by hand to extract the best quality footage possible, and enhance and improve it as much as we can to produce you a super high quality DVD.

We even offer a broadcast quality uprize service to change your regular video tape and camcorder tape footage into high definition and provide you with Blu-rays of your home movies. Only Alive Studios can offer this level of quality, and at a fixed cost per tape regardless of length, you can't find a better company to help you transfer your video and camcorder tapes. You also get a FREE Karishma account where the first hour of your film is hosted online, allowing you to share your memories with friends and family around the world.
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