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Bring Your Black-and-White Films to Life with Colour Magic!

Are you a film enthusiast with a collection of cherished black-and-white movies? We’re thrilled to introduce Colour Magic, a service dedicated to bringing your black-and-white films to life.

black and white cine film projecting as colour

The Heartfelt Dream of Film Colourisation

old b&w super8 film

So What Exactly is 'Colour Magic'?'

Let Alive Studios unleash the power of artistic transformation with Colour Magic—an avant-garde service designed in-house by our team – that breathes life into your black-and-white films, infusing them with a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. But ‘Colour Magic’ goes beyond visual enchantment; it envelops your cinematic journey in atmospheric 5.1 surround sound, creating an immersive experience that brings your memories to life with unparalleled richness and depth.

AI Film Restoration & Colourisation

Here at Alive Studios we employ AI technology for revitalising and adding vibrancy to vintage films.  Our AI system sharpens film, recovers accurate details, removes noise while preserving authentic details, softens the look of dust and scratches, and stabilises the film to ensure a pristine viewing experience.
Check out examples of our Cine Film transfers.

old black and white film that has been colourised

Auditory Enchantment

Our team skillfully integrates a rich tapestry of sound effects—background street sounds, distant voices, birdsong, rumbling vehicles, distant church bells, and more. Imagine the streets bustling with life, conversations adding depth, birds chirping in the background, and the subtle echoes of distant bells. It’s more than just a viewing experience; it’s a sensory masterpiece that elevates your silent films to an entirely new dimension of storytelling.

sound waves and effects added to old film

Check out the black-and-white-to-colour video below:

Black & White to Colour? The Price of Magic...

Colour Magic is an additional service that can be added to your transfer to colourise any black and white film. For just £100 per 50ft reel, you can add this remarkable enhancement to the films in your collection. Whether it’s your parents’ wedding footage or another precious slice of your personal history, Colour Magic is an affordable and exciting new chapter in the world of Cine Film transfers. Click here to build your quote.

Why Choose Colour Magic?

Preserve Your Legacy: Your family’s history is too precious to fade away. Colour Magic allows you to pass down your memories in a format that future generations will cherish.

Enhance Emotional Impact: By adding colour and sound, you’ll connect with the past on a deeper level. It’s not just watching history; it’s experiencing it.

Colour Magic is the perfect way to breathe new life into your treasured black-and-white films. With its affordability, dedication to preserving your family history, and cutting-edge AI film restoration, this exclusive service is a must for any film enthusiast. Whether it’s a historical event or a personal family moment, Colour Magic will make your memories even more special.

Find out more about our Cine Film digitisation process.

example of black and white film in colour
here is an example of a black and white film to colour we did for a customer recently


Then maybe you should order your B&W to colour transfer now!

Helpful Notes:

If you’re interested in the history of film colourisation, you may find these links interesting:

Youtube video about the History and Science of Colour Film:

Britannica article  on the Introduction of colour in film:

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