Personalise your digital copy – Part 2

This is a follow up to the hugely successful video we made last year, showing you how to customise your Digital Copy. This is a slightly longer film – some 24mins! – but its essential viewing if you’re considering having your movies transfered to Digital Files. In the video, Jennie invites us into her home […]

Converting ProRes to MPEG 4 with Handbrake

When you order an editable file from Alive Studios, we will send you a Quicktime ProRes file. We choose this file type because it is excellent quality, contains a huge amount of data for editing, and has relatively reasonable file sizes. If you choose editing software that doesn’t directly import .mov files, then you will […]

Editing ProRes video in Movie Maker

  “If I order a ProRes version of my transfer, will it work in Movie Maker?” Answer: yes (if you follow this simple guide) If you order an editable version of your film from Alive Studios, we will give you Quicktime ProRes files. (.mov) These might play automatically on your Windows PC, or not, depending […]

Cine film transfered in HD3D

The research and development team here at Alive are absolutely ecstatic with the results of our preliminary 3D tests on 16mm cine film. In our latest endeavors to push the boundaries in the world of film transfer, we have been developing a brand new service to bring your Cine Film to life in 3D! Our […]

Watching Interlaced video on your computer

If you order an editable file from Alive Studios, you may notice an ‘interlacing’ effect when playing it back on your computer monitor. In this very quick video, Steven shows you how to play it using VLC player (it’s free!) to get rid of that nasty problem. Download VLC Player for Mac or Windows PC

Memory card Data Recovery

We don’t actually offer this service as it’s quite specialised, but I wanted to share a link with you to a company I used recently and thought our customers might find handy if you ever get problems with your data… Whilst in America last year, I went snorkeling with an underwater camera. To my dismay, […]

Psycho Live!

This interesting piece fell into my in-box a few weeks ago, and I just had to share it with our readers. Fingers crossed I get to go… – Jennie Conductor Anthony Gabriele and the British Sinfonietta are proud to present a very special screening of director Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, ‘Psycho’. Fifty years on from its release, […]