Super 8 Colour Negative Processing

For those still shooting on Super 8, we can now offer a processing service to get your films dark-room developed. This includes Kodak Vision 3: 50D, 200T, 500T. For other stock please contact us first. Through our partnership with the leading Film Lab in Europe, we post weekly shipments to Germany to get our clients […]

Karishma Cloud App fo iPhone X

Karishma Cloud App has been updated to take full advantage of the iPhone X. Download it now from the App Store: viewSoftware What is Karishma Cloud ? It’s like Netflix for your home movies. Watch anywhere Computer, Phone, Tablet, SmartTV

Cine Film Colour Correction Example V2

Cine film will always benefit from some expert colour correction to fix colours that have altered and faded over time.Different makes of film deteriorate differently, with the most common problem being that the films turns a shade of purple or green, and the colours fade. This work is carried out as standard with all orders […]

16mm Cline Film cleaning before and after Example 2

Here is another side by side example of film cleaning. Before we scan your cine film, we always but it through our film cleaning machine. Partly to protect our scanners, but also to improve your picture, as cine film typically has a fair amount of dust and hairs floating on the emulsion. If you would […]

Alive Studios work featured in the Sunday Times

Feeling proud that Alive Studios work was just featured in the Sunday Times. 8mm cinefilm of Doug Scott’s famous 1977 mountaineering expedition was scanned and restored by our team in time for Scott’s book launch this week. Read article here: