New version of Karishma Cloud for Android and IOS

              A new version of Karishma Cloud is now available for Android phone, tablets and for IOS iPhone, iPad devices. Updated to our new phone number Turned off Memory vault by default. Download for Android devices: Download for iPhone/iPad:

Memory Vault update

                    We have just updated the Memory Vault with a brand new responsive design, which means the Memory Vault now works not only on your computer, but on your phone and table too. We’re also on our shiny new server, so films load ultra-quick now. We […]

Karishma Cloud TV Android Update

  We have just updated Karishma Cloud TV for Android. Now works on Android TV version 6 Memory Vault is now turned off by default. Faster loading of videos Download Karishma Cloud TV We are now working on a version of Karishma Cloud for Android V7. Recommended Android TV Devices: MI Box NVidia Shield Razer Forge […]

Alive Studios launch new website

We have just launched our brand new responsive website. know matter what device you are using you will now be able to enjoy using the Alive Studios web site. We have a new support area for our customers with lots of new videos to enjoy. We are also launching a new ordering system in mid […]

Do You Have Cine Film Footage of Butlins?

Then We Want To Talk To You! Los Angeles based PalmDoorFilms have asked if any of our customers might be able to help them find some good Cine Film footage of Butlins Holiday Camps between 1950-1965. The film-makers are working on an independent documentary chronicling the rise, fall and resurrection of Joe Meek – the […]

Karishma Cloud arrives on Apple TV!

Hopefully you already know about the incredible Karishma Cloud APP which is free to all our customers. It’s an amazing cloud service for accessing all your home movies Anytime, Anywhere. If you’ve not read about it yet, please click here to read. On the back of the highly acclaimed Karishma Cloud service, Alive Studios have just […]

help video – using your digital HD/4K files

At Alive Studios, we transfer your cine film and video tapes into HD Digital MPEG files. They work on all computers, phones, tablets and TVs. In this video, I show you how to use the files across a variety of devices so you can take your movies with you, and share them with your friends […]

The Next Step in Home Movie Viewing?

Ok, have a good laugh – that’s what the team here at Alive Studios did when I first donned this headset. But after the initial giggles wear off, consider what it is we’re doing here… My team and I have been exploring the possibility of creating fully-immersive home movies. That is, your old home movies, […]