Our Team

Alive Studios is Headed up by the original founders, Steven and Jennie Flowers, who work hands-on with the day to day running of the studio and continue to push the boundaries of film and video transfers.

Jennie (Manager)
With a background in film-making and photography, Jennie remains very much hands-on with the work, sharing her time between running film scanners and managing the busy production office.
Steven (Chief Editor)
The creative talent behind the company, and creator of our ground-breaking Phoenix scanning system, Steven is a highly skilled film editor and works in Final Cut Pro, Motion and Encoder.
Karishma (Web Developer)
A web programmer of the highest calibre, Karishma has taken Alive Studios to new heights with her innovative ideas to make the user experience on our website completely amazing.
Kieran (Video & Film Cleaner)
At just 21, Kieran is our youngest team member. This highly talented designer can be found in our creative department working on our YouTube videos, and is working on a re-colour service for black and white film.
Jade (Admin)
Jade is responsible for seeing your parcels are checked in accurately, and that outgoing deliveries are carefully packaged and arrive to you in perfect order.
Janice (Slide Editor)
After graduating university, Janice joined the team as a scanner operative and is quickly expanding her skills as an image editor.