Digital Betacam up-scaled to stunning HD

This short clip is taken from a Digital Betacam tape (DigiBeta) which we transfered to a digital format for London-based film-maker Xandy Productions. The film was originally shot in 2001 in standard definition. We remastered the film in full High Definition using our Terranex system, and output it in stunning wide-screen 16:9 onto the clients […]

Now you can add a hard-drive to your transfer order

Now you can add a hard-drive to your transfer order Want to dabble in some movie editing, and you’re thinking of adding an editable format or image sequence to your order? Then you’ll need a nice big drive for us to put the files on for you… If you don’t have a drive to send […]

Discover the contents, then organize your cine films…

Are you in the dark about what is on your cine reels? Whether you’ve inherited the family archive, raided your parents loft, or they are your own personal recordings, if the reels are not clearly labeled, or have got muddled up over the years, you will love this exciting addition to the Alive Studios service… […]

We’re not robots …honest!

I feel I must start this month off by explaining the photo… I do not choose the stories that go into our newsletter, nor do I select the photos to be used. My wonderful design team do this, and they thought it would be funny to use a photo taken at Janices’ birthday party, where, […]

Lets get planning our winter film projects

With September upon us, we see the kids preparing to return to school – new shoes, fresh books, nice sharp pencils… For those of us past all of that, the summer drawing to a close is still a time for thinking about the future, and making fresh starts. I like to line up little projects […]

Share your movies and photos with Karishma Cloud

This short film shows you how easy it is to share your movies online using your FREE Karishma Cloud account. Whether you’ve had cine film, video tapes or camcorder tapes transferred, we will host your film online so you can share it with friends, family and clients all over the world.

A quick look at Karishma Cloud

The most exciting development this year has to be the brand new ‘Karishma Cloud’. Originally titled ‘Karishma 3’ we thought ‘Cloud’ better described this amazing film hosting service. All orders for cine film transfer, video tape transfer and 35mm slide transfer get a FREE account.

How we compare to a High Street cine film transfer

A customer has kindly sent us a cine film he’s had transferred to DVD at a high street camera shop. Not happy with what he’d had back, he asked us to transfer it using our Phoenix scanners. We scanned the same reel of cine film here and transfered it to Blu-ray, and the difference between […]

Facts About Projection 1975

We found this wonderful educational film about motion picture film made in 1975 about film projection, and thought we’d share it with you all… Entertaining, comical and a must-see for any film-fans. This film is from the Prelinger Archives on and is in the Public Domain.