Tag Your Movies To Look Perfect in iTunes Part 1

We like to share any useful software we find with our customers, so here’s a really handy one… When you buy a ‘ Digital Copy’ of your Home Movie from Alive Studios, you can import the film into iTunes to let you share it on your network – copy it to your iPhone, your iPad […]

Jennie talks about… SHOW WX +

In this months video demonstration I show you SHOW WX+ a great little pocket projector for showing your home movies. This quick video shows how you can use your Digital Copy disc, supplied by Alive Studios, to turn your living room into an old-school-style home theatre by digitally projecting your old cine film and video […]

YouTube adds ‘VHS mode’ to mark cassette anniversary

Google has added a “VHS mode” to select YouTube videos to mark the 57th anniversary of the cassette recorder. Specific videos are now marked with a VHS tape icon in the bottom right of the player, enabling filters to add nostalgic static and fuzz effects to the footage. “Not too long ago, the video tape […]

Photo of the month May 2013

Photo of the month – Rochefort Arete – 35mm slide This 35mm slide is of the Rochefort Arête in the alps on the French italian border taken about 1996 by Jon Jones. Scanned from 35mm Kodak slide to JPEG file by Alive Studios. Thank you to our customer Mark for kindly contirbuting this month – […]

Rainy Days are for playing with films…

Rain lashing at the windows and no sign of summer, so we had fun by locking ourselves in the studio to play with our new Teranex systems to produce some incredible transfers from analogue tapes like Betamax and VHS (demo below). We also took delivery of a shiny new MPEG IMX deck, which I’m happy […]

Find out about Apple TV

Each month we give you a short video packed with our view of other products on the market that can benefit you in enjoying your home movies. This month we demonstrate Apple TV and how it works with our “Digital Copy” disc.

All Aboard

If you love trains, you’ve got to love this wonderful collection of apparel and gifts by Cath Kidston. I’m a big fan of all things retro and love Kidston’s style, but was really pleased to see this latest range of train-inspired prints. Granted, this news article has nothing to do with film transfer, but so […]

Database Your Movies

Our senior editor, Steven Flowers, has been looking for years for software to catalogue his extensive collection of home movies, and he thinks he may have found the right app for the job… “Movie Collector” by collectorz.com is a great little program, useful for storing info about any kind of collection – films, dvds, comics, […]


This is a must-see website for movie fans – the staff at ALive Studios have lost so many hours playing with this website! Completely free to use, the site contains over 12,000 movie clips, you can search, find, view, discuss and share scenes from your favorite movies. The clips are completely searchable by actor, title, […]