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Tape Cleaning

The system inspects your videotapes edge to edge to find physical damage such as wrinkles and creases.

It simultaneously cleans the tape surface using specially formulated tissues ..... uses no chemicals.


unique opto-electronic inspection module finds tape damage at high speed



specially formulated cleaning tissues gently wipe away dirt, dust, loose oxide and other contaminants that can cause poor picture and sound



Ultra-precision sapphire polishing system conditions the tape for better performance



proven method used worldwide. Uses no chemicals. Microprocessor electronics control speed and tension for gentle, safe tape handling

Video Tape Deck

With any tape conversion we always use the highest quality professional decks featuring auto video head cleaning, Video Stabilizer, Advanced 3D Y/C separation, Line Time Base Correction (LTBC) functions for perfect frame synchronization. Poor analogue source video is filtered and stabilized prior to conversion.

Teranex Processing

At the heart of our workflow is the Teranex video converter. Advanced SIMD technology developed and patented by Teranex allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously in X, Y positions and between video frames, so you get true super quality picture. Processing is applied within the frame and between frames all at the same time.


High Quality De-interlace

Teranex features proprietary and patented PixelMotion de-interlacing algorithms so you get improved image quality by maintaining vertical resolution.


Noise Reduction

Remove unwanted noise from transmission links, videotape, or even camera sources. Teranex includes award winning temporal recursive noise reduction. Reducing noise allows more efficient video compression when authoring content!


Upscaling from SD to HD

Our upscaling service has sophisticated image sampling, edge detection techniques and multi-direction diagonal filters so “jaggies” are eliminated and you get clean HD looking video.

Edit and Restore

Cool technology alone is not enough - It would be much faster for us if we simply ran your tape through the Teranex and saved the resulting file to a hard-drive and sent it to you... but you'd be very disappointed! If you ask our customers, they will tell you that you may be waiting upto 3 months sometimes - we do not work fast. We believe you need a first class editor to make the real difference between a transfer and a restoration, and access to our team is in high demand.


At Alive Studios you will be assigned a personal editor from our small team of experts, each of whom have a minimum of 10 years experience in restoring archive film. Your editor will introduce himself and keep you informed of the work he's doing. You will benefit from his wealth of experience as he scans through your footage, deleting the unwanted material, like floor-filming, and lens-cap filming, removing distracting blue screens you get between recordings, and generally tidy up your movie without losing anything important. He will look out for obvious mistakes like TV shows taped over family movies, and so on. He will then begin the painstaking task of color correction, fixing the midtones, whites and black levels, brightening dark scenes and will use many subtle software techniques to enhance the look of your video. This level of expertise is priceless and is what makes the difference between a cheap high street copy and a professionally restored service from Alive Studios.

Output Format

We offer ProRes 422 for editing, and Digital HD (MPEG4). Both formats are provided on USB hard drive or USB Stick

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video transfer workflow banner

video transfer workflow banner

video transfer workflow banner

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