Pro Video Output Comparison

  Digital ProRes
Image Size 1920x1080 full HD tick tick
What bitrate is this format? 10Mbps HD 147Mbps
What size are the files ? 4.6GB/hr HD 55GB/hr
Can I edit this format on my computer? tick tick
Can I add my own chapter markers? tick tick
Can I get background music on silent tapes? tick cross
Will this work on my Mac? tick tick
Will this work on Windows? tick tick
Will this format play directly on my iPad? tick cross
Directly import to iTunes to synch with AppleTV/iPad etc. tick cross
Directly import and play on Android devices tick cross
Can I see an online preview? tick cross
Can I share my movies online with family/friends? tick tick

Frequently ask questions

How do you capture tapes ? Teranex Processing We use the worlds most advanced converter with extremely high quality de-interlacing. Teranex features proprietary and patented PixelMotion de-interlacing algorithms so you get improved image quality by maintaining vertical resolution. Teranex includes award winning temporal recursive noise reduction.
How do you transfer U-Matic tapes Your Tapes are played through a Professional U-Matic SP deck. Our deck can transfer SP, Low-band and High-band tapes in PAL or NTSC.
How do you transfer Betacam tapes Your Tapes are played through a Professional Sony Digital Betacam The unit can transfer Large and small tapes from DigiBeta, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX in PAL or NTSC.
How do you transfer DVCAM Your Tapes are played through a Professional DV deck The unit can transfer Large and small tapes from DVCAM and DVCAM HD in PAL or NTSC.
How do you transfer DVCPRO Your Tapes are played through a Professional Panasonic deck The unit can transfer DVCPRO and DVCPRO 50 tapes in PAL or NTSC.
How do you up-scale SD to HD ?
We use Teranex 3D hardware and some software tricks to achieve this incredible service. Our upscaling service has sophisticated image sampling, edge detection techniques and multi-direction diagonal filters so “jaggies” are eliminated and you get clean HD looking video which cannot be achieved with the scaling tool on your TV.
Do you clean the tapes before transfer?
Yes we have a tape cleaning machine and all tapes are cleaned before transfer.
Do you do any video restoration ? Yes, our studios are equipped with restoration hardware and software which allows us to perform colour correction, image enhancement, reconstruction and noise removal, sharpening highlights and softening shadows. Alive Studios can really bring dull footage to life - our goal is to get the video to look like it did originally. Restoration and colour correction is of course dependant on the state of the original videos.
How do I order?
It's easiest for you to place your order online as the forms prompts you with all the information we will need from you. However, don't be afraid to phone us to let us help you build your order too.
How do I get the video's to you?
You can send the order yourself using the Post Office, but most people prefer to let us collect the box. Collection FREE
How long does it take?
This is a tricky question. We receive orders from a single tape to a room-full, so we'd need to know what you're sending to give a lead-time. We find we are in high demand and always have seveal weeks of work already scheduled in, so if your order is needed in a hurry, just phone and tell us what you need :)

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