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Sir Winston Churchill's Farewell

Sir Winston Churchill's Farewell to Parliament 27th July 1964. This short clip of film was taken by our client, the author, Mr Edward Gill in 1964 as he personally witnessed the last time Sir Winston Churchill would attend the House of Commons in London aged 89.Mr Gill used his 8mm cine film camera to record two pieces of film of this historic event; one on the day Sir Winston left parliament for the last time, and the other was shot the following day as Winston Churchill departed his home at Hyde Park Gate for Chartwell.Mr Gill brought his 8mm cine film to Alive Studios in Devon England, to be digitised in HD, and we gave him back high definition files on a memory stick.Edward Gill is a British author who has Kindly granted us permission to print an excerpt from his book 'Another World' published in 2007, in which he describes how he came to shoot the films. This film remains the copyright of Mr Edward Gill. Click the link below to read the excerpt from the book: