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Keith Birtwistle: Glimpses of the Past - 9.5mm cine film transferred to digital 1920s and 1930s

Excerpt from my Dad's 9.5mm cine film mostly shot in the 1930s.It's interesting to compare the gradual improvement in image quality in successive reels as the film progresses through the thirties decade. In the first reel, which dates from 1928 when Pathé first marketed their 9.5mm film and equipment for amateur use, the images look extremely grainy, but the quality of the successive films gradually improves through the decade; to the point where it's hard to believe that the pictures of cricket on the beach in 1938 were taken with the same camera and film. Dad said he actually bought an extra reel of film in 1939, but had to store it unused until after the war, when he filmed our street party, one of thousands held throughout the country on Victory Day on 8 June 1946, a national holiday to celebrate the end of World War 2. Kindly submitted to the Memory Vault by Mr Keith Birtwistle 2018


Wonderful! What charming clips. Thanks for posting, Keith. Loved the commentary too! - Steven Fearnehough

Thank you for your contribution Mr Birtwistle, such an interesting and informative film. - Nick Shelley

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