Our Clients


Our alliance with Sony gets stronger and stronger with every month. Sony Europe has been one of our major clients for a year now.

You - The British Public

Our most faithful customer is still you guys - families. Your home movies and family archives have always been the most fascinating and rewarding work we do.


We have now Transfer and remaster 100s of old TV adverts from 16mm Film, Umatic tape and Betacam tapes.

London Olympics

We transfer film in full High Definition for the London Olympics committee. We also transfer for many of the UK athletes.



Transfer and remaster of rare piece of 16mm cine film of a newsreel from Crufts.

Imperial War Museum

A fascinating war-era project in 2010, we have been transferring old archive cine reels in high definition, so the films can be exhibited to the public, and for loan to documentary makers.

Thomas cook

Transfer of 16mm cine film advert from the 1960's


1980's cine film transferred to hard-drive. Footage of old Goodyear TV adverts.


Transfer of 16mm cine film - advertisement from the 1960's..


Helping the Co-op restore and remaster a back catalogue of cine films into a usable archive of film clips.

Austrian Royalty

We have had the privileged of transferring home movies for the Royal Family in Austria, including cine film, camcorder tapes and videos.


Old TV adverts were scanned from cine film in High Definition for the Shell company.

The Super-Stars of the Premier League

One of our proudest achievements is being asked to work for Premier League football players. We are trusted with the home movies of some of the biggest stars in England, which makes us very proud of our confidentially policy.

The Super-Stars of Formula 1

We recently transferring a collection of old home movies on video tape for a famous Formula 1 star.

The Times Newspaper

During the summer of 2010, we have been transferring a small archive of 16mm cine films containing old news reels, advertisements, charity events and speeches from the 1980's.

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

Exciting project to transfer various film reels for the man himself.


The Elvis Presley Society

Frame by Frame scan of "GI Blues" from original 35mm film reel. Never-before-seen footage of Elvis Presley which was used in a brand new release of GI Blues on DVD. The finished product is on display to see at Alive Studios.

Cast of Blackadder

Black Adder Pilot Episode from 16mm cine film. Digital remaster of the very first 'pilot' episode of the classic Black-adder series. Transferred from 16mm cine film to DVD.


"Keep Britain Tidy"

70s TV advertisement from 16mm cine film If you're as old as us then you'll no doubt fondly remember this classic advert campaign by the government to keep our streets tidy! More entertaining than the Eurovision Song Contest - Brit pop at it's best! Restored and scanned from 16mm film.

The Institute of Physics

Large archive collection of 16mm film reels documenting lectures given by some of the worlds leading Physicists. Scanned and restored to an easy-to-access digital collection, as well as raw footage for future editing.

The NHS Trusts

Transfer and restoration of VHS and Betamax tapes We have worked extensively for many NHS Trusts, transferring medical research data, lectures and interviews. Our excellent security and confidentially is the reason why we are trusted over and over again.


Mitsubishi Motors

Transferring archive 16mm cine films for Mitsubishi Motors UK. The old films feature infomercials from the 1980's demonstrating their latest line of super-cars. Retro cars, on cine film - set to a funky 80's tune! We couldn't choose better work.


Rugby County Council

35mm film to Digital transfer of black and white footage from the 1930s of the very first town Mayor.

The Beatles

We were commissioned in June 2008 to transfer 8mm cine film footage taken of the Beatles outside a recording studio in London - BEFORE they hit the big time! We made a high quality frame by frame scan to retain the excellent quality of this priceless piece of film.

TV and Sports Personalities

Film Stars, Television stars, Sportsmen.

We have worked for a huge range of Television, Film and Sports personalities over the years, including some of the biggest names in the football Premier League. Most of this work comes from recommendations by happy customers who know we can be trusted for our high levels of confidentiality and security.


We treat all our customers with the highest respect and ensure that they are completely comfortable with how we are putting together their family memories. Each job is given a unique reference number as soon as it arrives, so at every stage of production it is traceable by it's number - there is no mention of the customer's name so confidentiality can always be assured.


Despite our working for some very impressive names, our strict privacy policy means that as much as we'd like to name-drop, we really can't, so please do not ask us to quote exact people, but have faith in the knowledge that we are widely respected within the industry as the people to go to if privacy is important to you.

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