Cine Output Comparison

  Digital ProRes Image Seq
Image Size 1920x1080 full HD tick tick tick
Image Size 3840 × 2160 in 4K ULTRA HD tick tick tick
What bitrate is this format? 10Mbps HD 147Mbps
4K 354Mbps
HD 550Kb Image
4K 1.4Mb Image
What size are the files ? 4.6GB/hr
HD 55GB/hr
4K 160GB/hr
HD 46GB/hr
4K 186GB/hr
Can I edit this format on my computer? tick tick tick
Can I add my own chapter markers? tick tick N/A
Do I get background music? tick cross N/A
Will this work on my Mac? tick tick tick
Will this work on Windows? tick tick tick
Will this format play directly on my iPad? tick cross N/A
Directly import to iTunes to synch with AppleTV/iPad etc. tick cross N/A
Directly import and play on Android devices tick cross N/A
Can I see an online preview? tick cross N/A
Can I share my movies online with family/friends? tick tick tick

Frequently ask questions

What is the image size you scan film at? 2K Film Resolution (2048 x 1556) which we output to 1920 x 1080
4K Film Resolution (3840 × 2160) which we output to 3840 × 2160
How do you transfer cine film? We use a 2K or 4K one-to-one frame scanner on all our film transfers
Does cine film have enough information to warrant scanning at such high resolution? Some customers assume that a High Definition (HD) or 4K (UHD) transfer is overkill for their 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm or 16mm film. After all, it's old! The fact is that resolution is only limited by the film grain size and the size of the frame. 8mm and Super 8 film have a maximum horizontal resolution of around 900 lines. 9.5mm has 1070 lines and 16mm film has a maximum horizontal resolution of around 1800 lines. Standard definition video is limited to 576 lines. our 2k film scanner (1556 lines) is the only process that can capture all the detail on your 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm film and our 4K scanner (2600) is the only process that can capture all the detail 16mm film and Super16.
Can you transfer Negative film ? Yes we can transfer from Positive or Negative film.
What film formats can you transfer?
8mm, Single-8 8mm
8mm, Single-8 With Sound 8mm with sound
Super8 Super8
Super8 With Sound Super8 With Sound
9.5mm 9.5mm
16mm 16mm
16mm Magnetic Sound Film 16mm Magnetic Sound Film
16mm Optical Sound Film 16mm Optical Sound Film
Super16 Super16
Can you transfer sound film?
Yes from 8mm, Single-8, Super8, 16mm but not 9.5mm. We can only transfer film with a sound strip. We do not transfer audio-only reels.
What formats do you output to ?
We can transfer to most formats. Our online order form offers Digital HD/4K, Apple ProRes, JPEG Image Sequence, if you require something that's not on the online order form, please call us on 0800 0830561.
Do you clean the film before transfer? Yes we dry clean all film before transfer.
Do you do any film restoration ?
Yes, our studios are equipped with restoration hardware and software which allows us to perform colour correction, image enhancement, reconstruction and noise removal, sharpening highlights and softening shadows. Alive Studios can really bring dull footage to life - our goal is to get the video to look like the cine did originally. Restoration and colour correction is of course dependant on the state of the original films.
How do I order?
It's easiest for you to place your order online as the forms prompts you with all the information we will need from you. However, don't be afraid to phone us to let us help you build your order too.
How do I get the films to you?
You can send the order yourself using the Post Office,
but most people prefer to let us collect the box. Collection FREE
How long does it take?
This is a tricky question. We receive orders from a single reel to a room-full, so we'd need to know what you're sending to give a lead-time. We find we are in high demand and always have seveal weeks of work already scheduled in, so if your order is needed in a hurry, just phone and tell us what you need :)

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