Cine Film to Digital HD/4K

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The most versatile format is the Digital HD/4K. Works on any computer, phone, tablet or TV. (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and SmartTV). Take your movies with you, and share them with your friends and family Anytime, Anywhere. We give you one file for each reel, named or numbered as you like. You’ll also receive a file which is all the reels blended seamlessly from one into the next for easy sit-back-and-enjoy viewing.


  • Choose from HD or 4K Ultra HD (complimentary HD version provided too on all 4K orders)
  • One .mp4 file for each reel, delivered on USB stick/drive
  • Provide your own USB stick or drive, or buy one of ours from £10
  • Storage requirements are approx. HD 10mb/s 4.6GB/hr, 4K 50mb/s 22GB/hr)


What do you get for your money?

Film is cleaned, then we Scan every cell of your film at 2K film resolution (2048 x 1556) or 4K film resolution (3840 × 2160). It's completely flicker-free, output is at 1920x1080 from our 2K scan and 3840 × 2160 from our 4K scan, sound is output to Dolby Digital. Online preview service for reordering your films. Each scene is colour corrected by hand, leader tape and blank footage is edited out, reels are repaired and re-spliced as needed, and the all of your film is uploaded to your Karishma Cloud account for sharing online with your friends and family.

Example Videos