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How many reels do you have? Reel Guide
Reel Size
3" Reel (50 feet)
4" Reel (100 feet)
5" Reel (200 feet)
7" Reel (400 feet)
9" Reel (800 feet)
12" Reel (1200 feet)
13.5" Reel (1600 feet)


Are any of your small 9.5mm reels 'Baby Pathe' spools?
If so, we are happy to remove the film from the spools for you and transfer them for you, but advise there is a £10/spool charge for handling.

How many of your small 9.5mm reels are 'Baby Pathe'?

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Calculating your order in feet If you have reels with odd amounts of film on them - for instance a 400 foot reel that contains 250 feet of film, and a 200 foot reel that has 150 feet, etc. you may find it easier to add up the total amount of feet and enter it here. The form will then charge you according to the total feet you enter, rather than the total number of reels.

You should still enter the actual number of reels you are sending and the size spools they are on, regardless of the amount of film on them. This is so we can check we have received everything safely at our end. So long as you tick the "Calculate my order in feet" option, your price will be based on the number of feet you enter.

We charge £55 for each 15mins of film.

You have approx 0 minutes in your order.
Do you want HD (2K) or Ultra HD (4K)?
Full HD

Films will be scanned with a 2K film scanner 1920 x 1080


Films will be scanned with a 4K film scanner 3840 x 2160

Do you want ProRes or MPEG?
Digital (MPEG)

Play your film on your Mac, PC, Phone, SmartTV.
HD Data Rate: 4.6GB/hr, 4K Data Rate: 22GB/hr

ProRes 422

Perfect choice if you wish to edit on a computer.
HD Data Rate: 55GB/hr, 4K Data Rate: 160GB/hr

Image Sequence (optional extra)

Individual JPEG image file for every
cell of your film

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Does your film have Sound?:
Sound Transfer Service Information

Capturing Sound Reels
£50 per half hour

Capturing Sound Reels

Why is there a charge?
On our current systems for transferring Cine Film, sound reels require 2 seperate transfers. Doing the transfer this way enables us to capture both video and sound at the highest quality possible.

While the reels are capturing, one of our transfer operators monitors the capture so that the sound and video can be matched back up without sync problems which can occur due to the variations of speed that cine could be filmed at.

Once captured, an editor will spend a large portion of time syncing the sound and video back together making sure it all matches up correctly whilst editing the video for splices, leader tape and colour correction.

The extra charge per hour is there to cover the extra time spent on this service which is approximately 3 times longer than a silent film transfer.

Background music required
No music required
Other Services:
Film processing/Video tape transfer and more
Free Collection & Delivery
Delivery Information

Free Collection Service

1 Hour Collection Service

We are happy to arrange our courier to collect your films from your work or home address. We'll provide you with a convenient one hour time slot by text and/or email.

Collection is completely free on all cine film orders. (up to 10Kg from any UK address).

How it works
On the day of collection you receive an email & text message which announces a one hour delivery slot, if you are unavailable simply choose a different date and have your order re-arranged.

Delivery Information

FREE Delivery Service

Provideo transfer to Digital Copy

Delivery back to you is completely FREE on ALL orders, no matter how large or small. As with our collection service, we even provide you with a precise one hour delivery window so you don't have to wait in all day.

How it works
On the day of delivery you receive an email & text message which announces a one hour delivery slot, if you are unavailable simply choose a different date and have your order re-arranged. Pricing for delivery varies on your location.

Delivery to UK Mainlands: Free
Delivery to Scotland - Highlands & Islands: £15
Delivery to N. Ireland, Isle of Man & Scilly Isles: £15
Delivery to Channel Islands: £15
Delivery to Republic of Ireland (southern ireland): £15
International delivery: Please email us for quote
7 Day Express Services
Adds 30% to the total order
Express Service Information

Express Service

Express Service Information

For those in a real hurry, we have a limited number of slots each week to process urgent orders. As this work is undertaken overnight and weekends, there is naturally a surcharge.

To guarantee your work back within 1 week of receipt (often within a day or two if it's a small order), simply tick the box. We will let you know immediately if there is any problem with completing your order on the Express Service. For orders of more than 2 hours of film, please phone/email to check if express service is available.

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