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Do You Have Cine Film Footage of Butlins?

Then We Want To Talk To You! Los Angeles based PalmDoorFilms have asked if any of our customers might be able to help them find some good Cine Film footage of Butlins Holiday Camps between 1950-1965.The film-makers are working on an independent documentary chronicling the rise, fall and resurrection of Joe Meek – the extraordinary record producer and songwriter from the South West of England.

The two filmmakers have already traveled across the UK and the US to interview over 70 friends, family members, colleagues, employees, enthusiasts, critics and biographers of Meek – and with the project almost complete are looking for some final archive film to illustrate life in England during the 19050s to mid-60s.

If you have good footage of Butlins during this period – especially Clacton or Skegness, do get in touch with Alive Studios, and if suitable we’ll put you in touch with the producers to see if your film is any use to the project.

Get in touch with Alive Studios here: Contact Us
You can read more about the documentary here:

Many Thanks!
Jennie Flowers (Director)
Alive Studios, Devon

Joe Meek