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Karishma 4: This is the reason we made this software.

When we created the first version of Karishma, we had a grand master plan of what we wanted to offer the world…

Like all great things, it takes time. And here we are 4 years later working on version 4, and we’ve finally got to where we initially envisaged we would be.

The next stage of Karishma will blow your mind. We are on this project night and day and we’re just so excited by what we are creating – but we can’t release details just yet! We want to keep this one close to or chests to keep the copy-cats at bay for a little longer. Let’s face it, the ‘competition’ are still trying to make their own version of Karishma 1 so we’re not too worried! but we don’t need to spoon feed them our ideas…

We will announce more details as we get nearer to completion.