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Video Tape Cleaning Example

Old video and camcorder tape formats like VHS, Betamax, Hi8 etc. can suffer from dirt, debris and even mould stuck to the ribbon, as shown in the photo to the right taken from a customers job recently. This causes the picture to skip, bounce, and have distracting interference such as lines and white fuzzy flecks.

One of the things that makes our transfer superior to others is the cleaning process we undertake prior to transfer. Our decks also feature continuous cleaning even as the tape is being transferred. The result is a much smoother, less jumpy and cleaner image.

Video tape cleaning and transfer

If you have old video tapes, you may have noticed an alarming white dust appearing on the inside of your tapes. This is fungal mould that eats into the cellulose which rapidly destroys the video tape.  However, if caught soon enough, and handled correctly, it is possible to salvage them – be it VHS, Betamax, Video 8, Hi 8 and many more, At Alive Studios, we have facilities to clean the mould and digitise the films before the precious content is lost forever.

For just £75 we will arrange to safely collect the tape, clean, digitise, edit and remaster the footage, then upload your movie to our incredible Karishma Cloud, before returning it on a USB stick in full HD.

If you have old video tapes, don’t leave it too late – contact Alive Studios today.

16mm Cine Film to DVD transfer against Alive Studios film scanning in HD

Our client, had this 16mm film scanned by another company for a special screening of this historical event in Bampton Village, England. After viewing the results they wondered if it was the best it could be, so asked us to pick it up and have a go…
As you can see from the results, our scan is far superior, with a larger view of the cell, compared to the somewhat cropped version by the competitor. The most noticeable difference is that our speed is much more life-like and realistic, along with a sharper, crisper image, and richer colours.

If you’ve had film scanned elsewhere, and wonder if it could be better, send it to us at Alive Studios for a free comparison.