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Sir Winston Churchill’s Farewell to Parliament 27th July 1964

Alive Studios recently had the privilege of being sent some wonderful 8mm cine film of Winston Churchill in the 1960s.  

Our customer, British author Edward Gill explains what is on his film;

“I doubt if there are many now living who were in the House of Commons on the 27th July 1964 to witness Churchill’s last day in Parliament. Fortunate I was to be the very last person he passed by as he left the Chamber on that final day…”

The events of this historic occasion were caught on Mr Gill’s trusty 8mm cine camera.  The 200ft reel of film has been transferred to various mediums over the years, including VHS and DVD, but only ever in standard definition.  Keen to see what modern technology could do, he entrusted the film to Alive Studios to produce a High Definition scan, which they put onto a memory stick, which can be plugged straight into the USB port of a normal TV, and can also be watched and edited in any computer.

To enable Mr Gill to share this film with friends, family and other interested parties, Alive Studios also uploaded the movie in HD to their ‘Karishma Cloud’ which is an online gallery they give to all customers to help them safely share their memories online.

Incredibly, Mr Gill found the same event filmed from another angle on the British Pathe website, in which you can see Mr Gill filming with his cine camera!

Below is an excerpt from the book ‘Another World’, kindly reproduced here with permission from Edward Gill. Click here to read