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About steven

The creative talent behind the company, and creator of our groundbreaking Phoenix scanning system, Steven is a highly skilled film editor and works in Final Cut Pro, Motion and Episode.

The worlds first iPhone APP for looking after your film transfers

iosWhat is this App for ?

It’s the fastest way to calculate the cost of transfering your cine film, video tapes and slides to digital formats. Get a quote, then place an online order with this App.

It’s then everything you need to know about your orders in one handy place. Because your films and photos are so precious, we understand that you want to know exactly where they are, what we’re doing with them, and when you’ll get them back. This App gives you all that.

Fast Ordering

A simplified version of our order forms – perfect for archivists to carry your iPhone around your facility, taking stock of what films you have, or to take your iPhone to Grandmas house and raid her loft!

Keep Tabs On Your Order

This App give you instant access to your account.
– Book a free collection.
– Find out what your editor is up to.
– track a delivery… and so much more

Gorgeous design.

Sleek design and oh-so-easy to use.
Designed exclusively for iPhone and enchanced for iOS 7

Impressed yet?



T-shirts I actually like?

t-shirt_690After being dragged around Exeter on a shopping trip this weekend, I was surprised to find some items of clothing I actually liked…. I’m that guy thats been wearing the same black t-shirt and jeans ensemble for the last 20 years!

There seems to be a bit of a fashion for retro-film t-shirts, particularly anything to do with ‘real’ film and projectors.
Weird but true, so here’s a few links in case, like me, you find this a bit entertaining. Enjoy!

Steven Flowers
(Chief Editor, Alive Studios)

Ebay Super8 T-shirt £11.99

This is a great T shirt featuring a design by Old Skool Hooligans celebrating the golden age of analogue home movies featuring as it does a Super 8 Camera

Top Man 35mm T-shirt £18

This is one of the shirts I ‘bumped into’ whilst in Exeter.
LA photo print inside a strip of 35mm film.
I like it anyway.