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About steven

The creative talent behind the company, and creator of our groundbreaking Phoenix scanning system, Steven is a highly skilled film editor and works in Final Cut Pro, Motion and Episode.

Karishma Cloud update for IOS

We have just released an update to our Karishma Cloud app for Apple iPhone and iPad

What’s New

Faster loading times, slicker design and brand new features including:
– Full screen movies
– 15sec back/fwd feature
– Airplay button to send movies to Apple TV
– new toolbar for easy navigating
Download now from the App Store:

Karishma Cloud v6 Coming December 2018

Karishma Cloud v6 will be released December 2018 and will bring a host of new features

  • Simple to use interface
  • H265 Video with upto 30% faster streaming of your movies
  • Create up-to 8 users, so all your family members can access your home movies
  • Share movies over Email, Facebook or Twitter

This is Karishma Cloud
You get your FREE Karishma Cloud account the minute you become a customer. All films we transfer for you are uploaded to your Karishma Cloud Gallery, with FREE ACCESS for the first 30 days of each order, with an option to add 12 months extra hosting for just £22 – that’s less than £2 per month!

Find out more here:

Karishma Cloud now has over 5000 users


Karishma Cloud 6 Coming Soon

V6Dear Customer

We wanted to let you know that we are working on a new version of Karishma Cloud.
Thanks to feedback from customers like you, we’ve done a complete re-design, and made it available on even more platforms. We can’t wait to show you what we have done…

New Features:

  • Completely re-designed for easier use
  • Faster performance speeds
  • Easier to use on mobile phones
  • Now you can pay for 12 months Cloud Hosting by card
  • Create upto 8 users, giving them their very own password, and they can only watch the movies you want them to watch
  • Make your account more fun with Emoji icons for your users

What is “Karishma Cloud”?
Imagine if we took all your old home movies; cine film, video and camcorder tapes, and we remastered them into HD and even 4K films. Now imagine you and your family can access these amazing memories from your Computer, iPad, Phone, Smart TV… Anytime, Anywhere!

This is Karishma Cloud.
You get your FREE Karishma Cloud account the minute you become an alive studios customer. All films we transfer for you are uploaded to your Karishma Cloud Gallery, with FREE ACCESS for the first 30 days of each order, with an option to add 12 months extra hosting for just £22 – that’s less than £2 per month!

Sir Winston Churchill’s Farewell to Parliament 27th July 1964

Alive Studios recently had the privilege of being sent some wonderful 8mm cine film of Winston Churchill in the 1960s.  

Our customer, British author Edward Gill explains what is on his film;

“I doubt if there are many now living who were in the House of Commons on the 27th July 1964 to witness Churchill’s last day in Parliament. Fortunate I was to be the very last person he passed by as he left the Chamber on that final day…”

The events of this historic occasion were caught on Mr Gill’s trusty 8mm cine camera.  The 200ft reel of film has been transferred to various mediums over the years, including VHS and DVD, but only ever in standard definition.  Keen to see what modern technology could do, he entrusted the film to Alive Studios to produce a High Definition scan, which they put onto a memory stick, which can be plugged straight into the USB port of a normal TV, and can also be watched and edited in any computer.

To enable Mr Gill to share this film with friends, family and other interested parties, Alive Studios also uploaded the movie in HD to their ‘Karishma Cloud’ which is an online gallery they give to all customers to help them safely share their memories online.

Incredibly, Mr Gill found the same event filmed from another angle on the British Pathe website, in which you can see Mr Gill filming with his cine camera!

Below is an excerpt from the book ‘Another World’, kindly reproduced here with permission from Edward Gill. Click here to read

Karishma Cloud v5.6

Is now available to all Alive Studios customers. In this version we have concentrated on movies, so your movies will now load faster with more controls then ever before

  • 10 Second rewind tool
  • Faster loading times for all your movies
  • Google Cast and AirPlay ready. Now you can push your movies to your TV
  • Set playback rate to create slow motion video playback

Try these brand new features for yourself by logging into you Karishma Cloud account

Alive Studios extends sponsorship deal with boxer Zane Turner

Alive Studios are delighted to announce that we have just agreed a new deal with the ‘Team Turner’ camp, and are proud to be sponsoring Zane for another year.  His first professional fight in February was an incredible victory with a 3rd round TKO.

Alive Studios’ Owner Steven Flowers commented “I see Zane in the gym every week and find his passion and dedication contagious.  I’ve followed boxing all my life, and have a feeling he is destined for great things. I look forward to seeing Zane’s name up in lights”.

Let’s hope Steven is right – Zanes personal success will also be a huge success for sport in Devon and an inspiration to local youngsters. Find out more

Betamax Video Colour Correction Example

On the left you can see the Betamax tape playing on a normal video player without any colour correction. On the right we are using our remastering deck to stabilise the image, then I have carried out various stages of colour correction to bring the picture back to a more natural and realistic state.
This level of remastering and colour correction is standard on all video tape transfers carried out here at Alive Studios.

For more info visit us at:

Video Tape Cleaning Example

Old video and camcorder tape formats like VHS, Betamax, Hi8 etc. can suffer from dirt, debris and even mould stuck to the ribbon, as shown in the photo to the right taken from a customers job recently. This causes the picture to skip, bounce, and have distracting interference such as lines and white fuzzy flecks.

One of the things that makes our transfer superior to others is the cleaning process we undertake prior to transfer. Our decks also feature continuous cleaning even as the tape is being transferred. The result is a much smoother, less jumpy and cleaner image.