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Karishma Cloud 6.1

You can now share individual films with your friends and family in Karishma Cloud!

Today all Karishma Cloud customers have been upgraded to version 6.1, so you can now choose which individual films you want to share with each different family member. So easy to set-up, just visit the ‘Add Users’ area within your account.

With the Add Users tool you can create up-to 8 users, giving them tailored access to your home movies, no matter where in the world they are.

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New 16mm Cine Film Example in UHD

16mm Cine Film from the 1930s to the 1980s scanned and transferred to digital, by Alive Studios in Devon, UK.

This short video has been taken from 16mm Cine Film, scanned frame by frame in 4K and output in UHD ( 3840×2160).

The clips we’ve used are from genuine customer films to show a true representation of typical 16mm home movies. You will notice scratches, dust, warped film, water damage etc. We don’t cherry-pick the best films for our demos – we try to use very ‘normal’ home movies to show you what you can expect from a transfer with Alive Studios.