Monthly Archives: March 2017

New version of Karishma Cloud for Android and IOS

A new version of Karishma Cloud is now available for Android phone, tablets and for IOS iPhone, iPad devices.

  1. Updated to our new phone number
  2. Turned off Memory vault by default.

Download for Android devices:

Download for iPhone/iPad:

Memory Vault update

We have just updated the Memory Vault with a brand new responsive design, which means the Memory Vault now works not only on your computer, but on your phone and table too.

We’re also on our shiny new server, so films load ultra-quick now.

We have improved the search engine tool to make locating content even easier.

Finally, we’ve added a ‘related videos’ feature, so you can now choose to see other people’s videos which relate to yours. This is done by matching words in your title, so if you have film of London in 1963, you’ll get related videos of London, and also videos of 1963. You can turn this feature on and off in your settings.

What is the Memory Vault?
It’s a collection of old movie clips, kindly submitted by you – our loyal customers. This is a community site, run for free by Alive Studios to allow our customers to easily share historically interesting films from their home movie collections.

We hope to grow this into a huge database of old films, categorized by year, location and subject matter. Please add as much of your collection as you think people want to see. Simply log in to your private gallery on your Karishma Cloud account and get sharing… Enjoy!

Visit the Memory vault