Karishma 4 now available

As a customer, you will benefit from the incredible Karishma Account – free to everyone.

This revolutionary account is one of the main reasons people opt to have their movies transfered with Alive Studios. It’s the world’s only software build exclusively to manage, view and share your personal movies online.

Other film to DVD companies use generic upload sites like You Tube or Google Drive.
To protect our clients and give them to best user experience possible, we have put 6 years of development time, and hundreds of thousands of pounds into developing Karishma – so don’t settle for an unsecure, generic upload of your precious memories – insist on the best by using your Karishma account – exclusively available from Alive Studios. We’re pleased to say that we’ve just finished upgrading every single customer to the brand new Karishma – version 4.

Some of the new features you can enjoy from today… 

  • FREE online preview – watch all your films online so you can tell us the running order.
  • No longer a limit on how much cine film is uploaded to your cloud account. Whether you send 15mins or 15 hours of film, EVEYTHING is uploaded to your cloud account – completely FREE!
  • Improved SHARE functions for sending email invitations to friends & family
  • Contribute a film to the Movie Vault to extend your online hosting for FREE