Karishma 4 Preview

Exciting times ahead for Alive Studios customers – Karishma 4 is getting near to completion!
The latest update to the Alive Studios online experience is absolutely huge. Click the screenshots to your right to checkout some of what you can expect…

New design
Gorgeous new graphics; we’ve had some of the top designers in the country working on Karishma to make the visual experience even more delicious than before.

Android devices now supported
As Mac developers, everything we make is compatible with Macs, iPads, iPhones etc. But this year we’ve re-designed to ensure 100% support of Android phones and tablets too.

FREE Upgrades for all Cine Film Orders

Instead of just 1 hour of movies uploaded for free, you now get your entire cine film order uploaded to your private gallery – completely free!
Not only do you get it ALL, but is now in 1080p instead of the normal 720.

FREE Upgrade to Online Preview 
We have always charged an additional £25/hr to see a preview of your order before we complete, giving you opportunity to re-arrange the order, give titles for each reel etc.
The response to this part of our service has been overwhelming, and many say its essential to get your films in chronological order. To make sure everyone has access to this feature of our company, we are now offering it completely FREE!

Improved Movie-Sharing Tools
Karishma 4 has improved share functionality, allowing you to access your online gallery and share any of your movies with family & friends all around the world in the click of a button. As well as share-on-Facebook and Twitter, we’ve improved the share-on-email tool so it’s now even easier to use. And of course, this incredible sharing tool is free to all Alive Studios customers.

The Vault
Something the staff here are really excited about is the upcoming launch of ‘The Vault’.
We see so many incredible movies, shot by normal people, of incredible places and events, which record the history of man throughout the last 100 years. It’s often sad to think these films never go beyond the customer’s living rooms… but now, thanks to The Vault, you will be able to share these brilliant movies with the entire world! Just select a clip from your Karishma gallery that you think is awesome, hit the ‘Share’ button and let the rest of the world share in this great snapshot of history. Add titles, descriptions dates and keywords, and add to categories like ‘Fashion’, ‘Cars’, Trains’ ‘Travel’ and many more…

Exciting times ahead… make sure you’re with Alive Studios to get all these great benefits!

Available to all Alive Studios customers May 2015