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T-shirts I actually like?

t-shirt_690After being dragged around Exeter on a shopping trip this weekend, I was surprised to find some items of clothing I actually liked…. I’m that guy thats been wearing the same black t-shirt and jeans ensemble for the last 20 years!

There seems to be a bit of a fashion for retro-film t-shirts, particularly anything to do with ‘real’ film and projectors.
Weird but true, so here’s a few links in case, like me, you find this a bit entertaining. Enjoy!

Steven Flowers
(Chief Editor, Alive Studios)

Ebay Super8 T-shirt £11.99

This is a great T shirt featuring a design by Old Skool Hooligans celebrating the golden age of analogue home movies featuring as it does a Super 8 Camera

Top Man 35mm T-shirt £18

This is one of the shirts I ‘bumped into’ whilst in Exeter.
LA photo print inside a strip of 35mm film.
I like it anyway.