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Video tape to Digital HD

Transfer to HD £75 per tape

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We understand how precious your video tapes are, so work tirelessly to turn regular old video tapes into impressive movies. We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Video8, Mini DV and many more in PAL or NTSC. This is no ordinary transfer. We carry out extensive restoration and repair work and always upscale your videos to HD. On top of the awesome technology, you’re employing your own dedicated editor to work personally with you. Our team are all senior editors each having no less than 10 years experience in archive film. They will scrub through your footage, deleting the unwanted material like floor-filming, and lens-cap filming. They look out for obvious mistakes like TV shows taped over family movies, and so on. Our service always includes removing these obvious bloopers to make your films as tidy and professional as possible.

"Tell me what I'm paying for..."
We digitally remaster and repair your film through our professional editing decks and Teranex Processing units with extremely high quality de-interlacing and temporal recursive noise reduction. Your transfer will be carried out by a highly experienced film editor.

"What kind of problems can you fix?..."

Customers are astonished to find that films that jump to the point of being un-watchable due to tracking problems and stretched, saggy tapes, can become viewable film once more. Worn out and degraded tapes which have washed out colours, orange skin tones, and white fuzzy flecks, are improved. The technology alone is not enough - combining the amazing Teranex system with a highly skilled editor makes all the difference. If you have a large collection of tapes to transfer, why not sample the service on one tape to see just how much we can do for you - we're sure you'll be amazed! Check out the examples above for evidence of what’s possible.

★ Fully restored and remastered to HD
★ Supplied as digital files on USB memory stick/drive
★ Free collection & delivery from the UK
★ Free online preview to get the order right
★ Free Cloud account and APP to enjoy your films Anywhere, Anytime

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VHS split screen demo
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