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Cine Film to Digital HD/4K

Transfer to HD £65 per 15 minutes of your cine film

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We transfer Cine Film to digital, for families, archives and museums all over the UK.
We convert standard 8mm, super8, 16mm, super16 and 9.5mm.

We use a true one-to-one frame scanner which takes individual photographs of each cell of your film which are expertly compiled into a movie, the edited and colour corrected.
The resulting film is sent to you on USB memory stick or hard-drive (we don’t make DVDs).
You can also purchase the individual photographs which are called an ‘image sequence’.
You can choose to have your film scanned on our 2K scanner, which is High Definition, or our 4K Ultra HD scanner.

★ HD and 4K film scanning
★ Supplied as digital files on USB memory stick/drive
★ Free collection & delivery from the UK
★ Free online preview to get the order right
★ Free Cloud account and APP to enjoy your films Anywhere, Anytime

Why scan Cine Film in 2K or 4K and why no DVD ?
Benefits of HD/4K, and why we’ve dropped discs.

All cine film benefits enormously from a high definition transfer. It may look like a tiny cell, but even 8mm cine film holds a surprising amount of data, and is not just equivalent to, but higher than, HD. To scan your film in standard resolution (SD), we would essentially disregard a huge amount of information resulting in loss of fine detail and colour.

In 2012, we went HD-only. As leaders in our industry, we have a responsibility to set quality standards, and SD/DVD is simply not good enough. We have these amazing HD files in front of us, so to scale them down and reduce the quality for DVD is a step backwards.

In 2016, we took another bold step by dropping disc formats. So there’s no more Blu-ray or DVD. Instead, we send you a USB memory stick (or hard-drive) which play on any computer or TV with a USB port. You can re-arrange the films,
change the names, and even edit the movies on your home computer
(and make your own DVDs if you really feel a need to, but I doubt it).
So much more versatile than discs, this truly is the way forward.

Cine Film Formats
8mm Cine Film
9.5mm Cine Film
16mm Cine Film
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Super8 Cine Film

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