Cine Film Colour Correction

Cine film will always benefit from some expert colour correction to fix colours that have altered and faded over time. Different makes of film deteriorate differently, with the most common problem being that the films turns a shade of purple or green, and the colours fade. In the example above you can see the original […]

SCI-FI Meets Super 8

Cara Delevingne Is a Super Sexy Robot Shot on a Kodak Super 8 Using an early prototype of the new Kodak Super 8 camera, which will be commercially available later this year, Renell revealed Cara’s candid side as she was photographed by Mariano Vivanco in a variety of vintage Mugler outfits. Striking set design, mind-bending […]

Alive Studios sponsor local boxer ‘Zane Turner’

Despite international recognition as one of the leading film transfer houses in the world, Alive Studios remains a down to earth, family-run business, with their feet firmly planted in the Devon sand. Renowned for their unique skills in transferring and restoring old Cine Film and Video Tapes to Digital, co-founder Steven is now using his […]

Add users in Karishma Cloud

New Feature! Add multiple users To make your FREE Karishma Cloud account even better, we’ve introduced a new ‘Add User’ feature for all customers. Now you can create users for your friends and family so they can enjoy your movies and photos without needing access to your main account. Choose which movies you share Simple […]

New version of Karishma Cloud for Android and IOS

              A new version of Karishma Cloud is now available for Android phone, tablets and for IOS iPhone, iPad devices. Updated to our new phone number Turned off Memory vault by default. Download for Android devices: Download for iPhone/iPad:

Memory Vault update

                    We have just updated the Memory Vault with a brand new responsive design, which means the Memory Vault now works not only on your computer, but on your phone and table too. We’re also on our shiny new server, so films load ultra-quick now. We […]

Karishma Cloud TV Android Update

  We have just updated Karishma Cloud TV for Android. Now works on Android TV version 6 Memory Vault is now turned off by default. Faster loading of videos Download Karishma Cloud TV We are now working on a version of Karishma Cloud for Android V7. Recommended Android TV Devices: MI Box NVidia Shield Razer Forge […]