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About steven

The creative talent behind the company, and creator of our groundbreaking Phoenix scanning system, Steven is a highly skilled film editor and works in Final Cut Pro, Motion and Episode.

help video – using your digital HD/4K files

At Alive Studios, we transfer your cine film and video tapes into HD Digital MPEG files. They work on all computers, phones, tablets and TVs. In this video, I show you how to use the files across a variety of devices so you can take your movies with you, and share them with your friends […]

The Next Step in Home Movie Viewing?

Ok, have a good laugh – that’s what the team here at Alive Studios did when I first donned this headset. But after the initial giggles wear off, consider what it is we’re doing here… My team and I have been exploring the possibility of creating fully-immersive home movies. That is, your old home movies, […]

Karishma Cloud App update

We have just released an update to the Karishma Cloud App. New in this version The APP draws in associated videos from other users that we think you may enjoy, called ‘The Memory Vault”. This update gives you the option to turn off this feature if you wish. ACCESS YOUR MOVIES FROM: ▸ Any iPhone […]

16mm Cline Film cleaning before and after

Before we scan your cine film, we always but it through our film cleaning machine. Partly to protect our scanners, but also to improve your picture, as cine film typically has a fair amount of dust and hairs floating on the emulsion. If you would like cine transferred in HD or UHD with free film […]

Karishma Cloud now on Android TV App

Hopefully you already know about the incredible Karishma Cloud APP which is free to all our customers. It’s an amazing cloud service for accessing all your home movies Anytime, Anywhere. If you’ve not read about it yet, please click here to read. On the back of the highly acclaimed Karishma Cloud service, Alive Studios have just […]

The new Karishma Cloud

Welcome to the future of home movie viewing! Alive Studios are the only company offering the amazing Karishma Cloud – where all your home movies are waiting for you and your family to access and enjoy Anytime, Anywhere… Log on via your computer, or download the free APP to your phone or tablet so you […]

Your movies delivered digitally

Jennie Flowers talks about the future of watching home movies, and why Alive Studios has decided to drop DVD and Blu-ray from it’s film transfer service. We are living in an age of Smart TVs, Digital content and Movies on Demand. I think we’d all agree that the way we watch TV shows and movies […]

Example of Super 8 cine film before and after cleaning.

Before we scan your cine film, we always give it a dry-clean first. Partly to protect our scanners, but also to improve your picture, as cine film typically has a fair amount of dust and hairs floating on the emulsion. You will also see from this example that a build-up of debris on cine film […]

4K ULTRA HD film scanning comes to Alive Studios

After 18months of hard development, the leaders in Cine Film Transfer, Alive Studios are proud to announce the launch of their 4K Film Scanner. Beta-testing has been ongoing since November 2015, and the results have been nothing short of brilliant. Pin-sharp quality, and images so real, you’ll be watching a home movie from the 1960’s […]