“All Inclusive” Cine Film Transfer


Despite being at the forefront of the home movie conversion market in the UK, Alive Studios continue to strive to make our industry more creative, more exciting, and more fun to use…

Since asking eKomi last year to get independent reviews from our customers, we’ve listened to the comments, and worked hard to come up with new ways to give people exactly what they want, and take our service to the next level.

We believe that getting your home movies digitized should be a fun and exciting process. It’s already a mine-field trying to get your head around what today’s technology can offer you – HD, Blu-rays, Digital Files, Cloud hosting etc. etc., so we consider our job to be to make it all as easy to understand as possible.
We already have a very easy to understand pricing structure, which we know people appreciate. So our next step has been to simplify the add-ons…

We don’t ever want a client to compromise on quality, or miss out on a feature that would be good for their collection, or take risks in posting the films to us. So, from today onwards we are rolling out our “All Inclusive” service.

The idea is, you simply work out how much film you have, and what format is best for you. EVERYTHING ELSE else is included in the price… no more worries…

– we collect your films by secure courier
– we clean & repair your films, even turning inside out films the right way round!
– we scan everything in true HD using 2K scanners
– we carefully edit and remaster every file to perfection
– we upload every reel to your gallery so you can check the running order
– you can re-order the reels online and choose a title for each one
– we can help with this by taking the titles from the boxes and packets for you
– we then create an interactive menu using these titles, so you can access each chapter
– we output to either Blu-ray and DVD , or digital files complete with FREE menu
– we host EVERY single reel on your private cloud account for online sharing
– we return everything back to you by secure courier
– fantastic after-sales support directly from your editor on his freephone number

We’ve tried to take everything you could possibly want from this service – and include it all within the one, simple price.

We hope we can work for you soon – and make your life a little bit easier!

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