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As Christmas approaches, the number one question we hear is “How long will this take?”. I am writing to be as open and honest with our customers as I possibly can…
Quite frankly, we are not fast. We are actually really slow – practically a three-legged tortoise!

Our aim here is to transfer films in as high a quality as possible, and to spend as much time as we can to restore, remaster and improve every single frame of your movie.

We are not Amazon. We cannot turn work around at high speeds. The scanners are slow. The editors are perfectionists. We put every film through several lengthy processes to achieve the stunning results you see in our examples on this website. There is no such thing as a ‘quick’ transfer, or a ‘rush ‘ order. Not in my studio anyway…

If you want cheap and cheerful, back to you within a few days, then look elsewhere.
If you want high quality, careful attention to detail, then come to Alive Studios.

Our Christmas order book is about full now, so sorry in advance to anyone who I will shortly being saying ‘January delivery’ to.

But as the saying goes… “The best things come to those who wait”

– Steven

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