Monthly Archives: June 2015

Alive Studios convert Dragon Crusaders

The video team at Alive Studios have jut carried out a conversion from the French language master video tape of this fantasy feature film, to a HD stream file provided on a hard-drive, ready for an international cable TV network to broadcast from. Tech specs for us nerds… Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Zeiss […]

Karishma 4 now available

As a customer, you will benefit from the incredible Karishma Account – free to everyone. This revolutionary account is one of the main reasons people opt to have their movies transfered with Alive Studios. It’s the world’s only software build exclusively to manage, view and share your personal movies online. Other film to DVD companies […]

17 Carnations

Alive Studios spent some time recently working with Andrew Morton on the images to be used in his latest book – 17 Carnations – a compelling account of the wartime world of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, which neither the government nor the royals of the day wanted you to read. Morton sourced private […]