What is the best way to store cine film transfers? Blu-ray or the more mobile, digital format?


The way we watch our films is changing, so we thought you would appreciate some straight forward, helpful info about what options you have when converting your cine films to a new digital format. Many homes have moved away from the traditional DVD/Blu-ray system, and have opted for a more digital lifestyle, freeing up the clutter, and allowing you to take your movies with you wherever you go.
The rise of companies like Netflix and On-demand TV, means people are getting very used to streaming their movies instead of inserting a disc. Our ‘Digital Copy’ is now so popular, we are taking as many orders for this format as we do for traditional DVD/Blu-ray versions, and we believe that if more people understood how versatile and easy this format was, they too would opt for a digital home movie collection.

So how does it work?
We provide the digital file on a disc which you put in your computer (Mac or PC is fine).
You can immediately watch your films on your computer. To put a copy on your iPad or iPhone, simply copy the file into iTunes (already on a Mac, free to download on windows) then sync your device and it automatically copies the film on to your iPad/iPhone for you.

Large collections of film can be provided on a hard-drive, and small films can even go on a memory stick. Many Smart TVs now allow you to send your film from your phone directly to a TV, so you can be at someone else’s house, and play your cine film for them on their TV directly from your phone or iPad. This is the way all viewing will be in the future, so getting this excellent file format now will future-proof you for the years to come.

The coolest feature of all…
Our main reason for loving this format is the ability to add your own chapter points and titles to the movie. Without the need for any editing software, or previous knowledge, anyone can insert a chapter point and give it a name, at any point in the film. You can continue to expand on this and improve your film over time making it a lovely on-going project, but with the instant gratification of it working straight-out-the-box.

And did you know, you can even edit from this file directly on your iPad? You don’t even need a computer and the software is free! You can cut and move clips around, add impressive titles and music, and more. This format is so versatile, we could go on all day! Please watch the videos we’ve made for you here, which explain a bit more.

We’re always happy to provide helpful, friendly advice, so please call or email us if you want further information or a quote.

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