Karishma 3.1 update now available

Karishma Cloud on iMac

Our lovely guys and gals in the web team have been beavering away all winter to make the super-cool ‘Karishma’ system even better than ever.

1) We’ve improved the draft copy service. This great add-on to your order allows you to watch all your films Online, in full HD of course, then tell your editor what order you want your films to run for the final Blu-ray/DVD. The new improvement is the unique ability to drag the thumbnails around on-screen, to get them into the correct chronological order. First release was a little tricky to use, but we hope this new version fixes any previous issues.

2) We’ve given you more time to watch your movies. The “1st hour is free” will now stay Online for 60 days (was 30 days), and “upgraded to 1st class” orders will now remain Online for 120 days (60 days).

3) We’ve created a new file-sharing section, so we can easily upload misc files to your account for you.

4) We’ve updated the order-form to improve your ordering experience, and fixed other little bugs too. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas for further improvements…. thanks!

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