Discover the contents, then organize your cine films…

Are you in the dark about what is on your cine reels?
Whether you’ve inherited the family archive, raided your parents loft, or they are your own personal recordings, if the reels are not clearly labeled, or have got muddled up over the years, you will love this exciting addition to the Alive Studios service…

Step 1) Place your order as normal, remembering to tick the ‘draft copy’ option on the form.

Step 2) We transfer everything and make one individual movie per reel.

Step 3) We upload each movie to your Karishma Cloud account and invite you to watch them.

Step 4) You watch the clips, renaming them if you like to make it easier to follow.

Step 5) You use the simple drag-and-drop facility to shuffle the films into the right order.

Step 6) Tell your editor you’re happy, and he creates your finished Blu-rays and DVDs to your instructions.

It’s really easy to place an order at Alive Studios and add this great feature.

Go here to place your order for cine film transfer

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