We’re not robots …honest!

Jennie Flowers

I feel I must start this month off by explaining the photo…
I do not choose the stories that go into our newsletter, nor do I select the photos to be used. My wonderful design team do this, and they thought it would be funny to use a photo taken at Janices’ birthday party, where, after a few glasses of vino, we thought it would be funny to dress up like robots! enough said.

Not related to film transfers in any way, except to emphasize the fact that despite us being an “Internet Company” we are not robots, but real girls – honest!

Followng the theme of ‘being real’ we’d like to invite you to interact with us more and chat to us on our brand new Blog, and Facebook sites. Listening to your thoughts and ideas are what make us grown stronger and provide the kind of services you’re looking for, so please scroll to the bottom and choose a feedback method to get in touch with our very real team.

– Jennie Flowers
(Director, Alive Studios)

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