Lets get planning our winter film projects

Jennie Flowers
With September upon us, we see the kids preparing to return to school – new shoes, fresh books, nice sharp pencils…
For those of us past all of that, the summer drawing to a close is still a time for thinking about the future, and making fresh starts.
I like to line up little projects as a fun way of preparing for the long cold months ahead…

One of my favourite tasks is to sort out all the film I’ve shot over summer and edit it onto Blu-ray before Xmas comes along and my hard-drive is too full for any more!

It’s also a good time to dig out those old home movies from the loft and get them digitized onto a hard-drive so you too have a nice project to work on whilst snuggled up nice and cozy in front of your computer.

Please don’t leave it too late – we normally close our order book in Oct/Nov for Christmas deliveries, so get your films to us now if you want to do that little project…

– Jennie Flowers
(Director, Alive Studios)

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