The NEW ‘Karishma Cloud’ is now available.

Karishma Cloud
The most exciting development this year has to be the brand spanking new ‘Karishma Cloud‘. Originally titled ‘Karishma 3’ we thought ‘Cloud’ better described this amazing film hosting service. All orders for cine film transfer, video tape transfer and 35mm slide transfer get a FREE account.

Karishma Cloud has been available for just over a week and we already have over 2,400 registered accounts, out of a base of 14,935 Alive Studios customers, so we’re ecstatic with the uptake.

New features and improvements are;

1) The new ‘MY MOVIES‘ button makes it even easier to jump straight to your movies page.

2) Brand new ‘Design my own box‘ tool makes it fun and easy to create your own Blu-ray/DVD sleeve.

3) Design changes have made the whole website, including your Karishma account, fully iPad friendly.

4) All images have been replaced with ‘Retina’ graphics for a truly incredible viewing experience on your Retina monitors, iPads and iPhones.

5) And the best improvement of all….. YOUR FILMS ARE NOW HOSTED ONLINE IN FULL HD!

Only Alive Studios can give you all this – and it’s still completely FREE TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

Check out the new Karishma Cloud page on our web site

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