All Cine Film now scanned to Lossless TIFF

Lossless TIFF
You may already know that our cine film scanning technique involves scanning the individual cellsof your cine film as separate images. We can then provide these to our customers as a folder of still images (what we call the Image Sequence file), or we can build the images into movie files suitable for computer editing, or output to Blu-ray and DVD.

Recent advances by our technical department has meant we are now able to scan these images as Lossless TIFF files.

We already had very high quality data to start with, but in an effort to eliminate any artifacts or ‘jaggies’ commonly associated with scanning film to a digital file, we have managed to output to these completely lossless, meaning they are a true replication of what our scanner sees with no trace of compression causing problems.

We’re so proud of the results, and feedback from test clients has been so good we’ve rolled it out to all orders with immediate effect.

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