Jennie talks Great New Deals for Summer

Jennie FlowersAfter a manic start to the year, we’re looking forward to a slower pace for summer, giving us time to work on some exciting new developments. If you can tear yourself away from the sunshine (getting a bit carried away after a couple of sunny days!), then why not have a look over your home movies and slides and see what needs sorting out and transferring to a more enjoyable format like Blu-ray or DVD.

You could even get your films transfered to a hard-drive this summer to give you a nice little project to work on when those long winter nights draw in later in the year.

We’re currently offering FREE collection and return delivery, saving you a fortune at the post office.

This issue we’ve pulled together some nice historical movies all about the wonderful format of real film – check out the cool stuff below!

– Jennie Flowers
(Director, Alive Studios)

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