Rainy Days are for playing with films…

Jennie FlowersRain lashing at the windows and no sign of summer, so we had fun by locking ourselves in the studio to play with our new Teranex systems to produce some incredible transfers from analogue tapes like Betamax and VHS (demo below). We also took delivery of a shiny new MPEG IMX deck, which I’m happy to say is giving fantastic HD restorations from this lesser-known but very nice format.

I’ve also filmed a quick video for you showing you one of my favourite toys – a handy pocket projector for theatre-style home movies.

Finally, after asking for feedback last month, many readers kindly pointed out all our spelling errors! Well, we creative types never claim to be academic!

So, due to popular demand, the lovely Janice has come on board to spell check our work. Please join in by letting us know what film-related info we can include to make our newsletter helpful and interesting…

– Jennie Flowers
(Director, Alive Studios)

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