Database Your Movies

database690Our senior editor, Steven Flowers, has been looking for years for software to catalogue his extensive collection of home movies, and he thinks he may have found the right app for the job…

“Movie Collector” by is a great little program, useful for storing info about any kind of collection – films, dvds, comics, video games, books etc. but we are using it to build a comprehensive database of home movies.

If you want to add the commercial films you own, you can even scan the barcode from the back of the box using your iPad or iPhone, and it draws in everything you need to know about the film directly into your database, including the cover shot, IMDB score, running time, actors etc. You can even rate the film yourself so you can sort your films into order of favourites.

We really love this software and if you’ve got a large collection of films to record, this may be worth a look.


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